धन वापसी नीति

Receipt of the Order – Claims – Returns

The customer is responsible for checking the conformity of the products received pursuant to the order when delivered. All abnormalities concerning the delivery such as:

  • Damaged package,
  • Missing products,
  • Damaged products
  • Products non-compliant to the order,

Must be addressed within legal delay after receipt of order.

This notification will be conveyed to the DalidaAyach.com either:

  • By registered mail, or by writing to the following address: DalidaAyach.com, Hazmieh, Platinum Tower 2nd Floor, Facing Ministry of Public Works, Beirut – Lebanon
  • By email to info@dalidaayach.com

After this delay, and apart from hidden defects, no claim will be accepted by DalidaAyach.com, the products are therefore considered to be conforming.

To return non-conform products, the customer must respect the following procedure:

  • The customer must enclose in his package the return authorization previously completed and printed with the help of the return form accessible from the customer space – Section – “My Orders”. No return will be accepted without the aforementioned return authorization duly completed.
  • Products must be returned in their original packaging, or in any package protecting the product from damage, with labels and any accessories, in perfect condition to be sold again on the website to this address: 
  • DalidaAyach.com, Hazmieh, Platinum Tower 2nd Floor, Facing Ministry of Public Works, Beirut – Lebanon

The customer is liable for the risks and costs for the return of the products. When the non-conformity is acknowledged, DalidaAyach.com will propose to the customer either: 

  • The replacement of the Product/s, at the expense of DalidaAyach.com,
  • or The refunding of the order (product price and delivery cost) as well as the expenses incurred for the return of the non-conform product, within a delay of fourteen (14) days from the date that the notification confirming the non-conformity was sent.

In the case of a refund, DalidaAyach.com assures to refund in full the products returned conform, as well as the shipping expenses, with the exception of the taxes and custom duty paid by the customer for the delivery. In the case of abnormal or abusive claims, DalidaAyach.com may refuse to accept future orders.

Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.