Brazilian-born, The Lebanese fashion designer “Dalida Ayach” was born in 24 December 1989.

Ever since she can remember, Dalida has always been passionate about fashion and rarely wore a piece of cloth without customizing it, introducing her very own touch.

She got married to the Lebanese pop star Ramy Ayach in 2012.

Dalida Ayach , is the vice president of Ayach Altofoula NGO.

In 2013, she decided to make a first step towards her dream and launched the Dalida Ayach brand, a brand that defines itself by elegance and simplicity, The first Dalida Ayach store opened its doors in Beirut as “Dalida Ayach Boutique”. And as two more stores are planned to open in the Arab world.

A few years later and after a real success dressing International and Arab celebrities, like Eva Langoria, Aimee Sayah, and many others famous ladies, the dream became concrete.

In 2014 she launched her Fall-Winter collection in Abu Dhabi , after doing many fashion shows in Dubai.

In 2015, she launched her Spring-Summer collection in America.

In 2016, making her USA debut on phoenix Fashion week runway, Dalida Ayach brings her Fall/Winter collection easy, elegant texture-rich wardrobe essentials designed for the woman that doesn’t want to choose between style and comfort.